Are you tired of using your Banners on a Roll® in the same old fashion? Looking for ways to maximize your investment? Look no further. Here are just 29 of the hundreds of great ideas that we received from our customers, promotion and event directors, from all across the USA and abroad. Satisfied and successful users of Banners on a Roll®.

1. Use Banners on a Roll® to skirt tables or stages at an event. The power of repeatability is eye-catching!
2. Tie them to a kite. Fly your logo and your message to new heights. Hang them on the tail and let it sail. Lookin’ good!
3. Skydiving at your event. Hang them from your parachute or let them wave in the wind as you float from the heavens into reality. Get on the 6 o’clock news!

4. Entrance sign. Welcome your fans with colorful graphics and major visibility. You can even start way down the road to let fans know that they’re on the right track.

5. Attach them on your vehicle. Get Banners on a Roll® and wrap them, tie them, glue them, screw them. A moveable billboard, very effective.

6. Book covers for kids. Parents and kids alike will love you for washable, durable book covers.

7. Hand them out as singles at an event. Better than a poster. Won’t wrinkle or tear!

8. Window shades. With a heat index of 120 degrees, you’ll become a hero to your summer crowd and create myriads of really cool customers.

9. Spirit flags. Cut them into singles and give them to your fans at an event. Then have them held up at the same time…blanket the venue with your logos!

10 Cherry-picker billboard. Put your Banners on a Roll® on a scissor-lift to enable your event to reach great heights.

11. Decorate telephone poles. Create giant barber poles with Banners on a Roll® plastered with your logos.

12. Fence off areas at events. Don’t fence them in and don’t fence them out, merely guide them to your place with you-know-what.

13. Photo backdrop. Instant photos of your friends in front of an outstanding display of your graphics or message in color!

14. Ponchos. Don’t let the rain get you down. Your fans will love your easy-to-make ponchos to protect them from the elements!

15. Toga gowns. Wrap them with your logo. A perfect way to lure the frat rats to your promo or event.

16. Wrap a building. Just go crazy with your Banners on a Roll®. Do some serious wrapping and no one will ignore your event.

17. Long card to US troops. Have participants sign Banners on a Roll® at your event. Then the special greetings to soldiers for good feelings and community goodwill.

18. Wrap holiday gifts. Nothing like giving free wrapping and enhancing your visibility at the same time.

19. Create modern mummies. Wrap your message around living, breathing people and turn them into creepy purveyors of your important message.

20. Stretch across lamp posts. Be it day, or be it night, they can see your message in the light. Big and bold, color, too.

21. Attach them to your tent. Step right up and turn your event into a circus with clowns, jugglers and Banners on a Roll®!

22. Decorate your hot air balloon. Stop spewing hot air and put your words into action. A great way to get press coverage. Guaranteed to put you above the competition.

23. Cat box liners. Perfect giveaway for the millions of cat-owners. They’ll really dig it.

24. Make flags for golf carts. Tie to PVC pipe and stick them on a golf cart. Outstanding visibility on the course or off.

25. Toboggans. Use Banners on a Roll® as sleds or toboggans at ski slope promos. They’re tough and will carry fans safely as they slide down the hill.

26. Beer pong. Protect the floor, participants and spectators as ping pong balls fly through the air aiming for their “beery” targets!

27. Centipede in a parade. Get 10 or so of your closest friends and make like a two-hundred footed insect. Crawling your way to success.

28. Mobile billboards. Hang 1,2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, as many as you need. Hang singly or in groups. Enlist kids and teens. They love this.

29. Superslide. Make your Banners on a Roll® into a giant superslide and spray with water. A very slick way to communicate.

What other creative ideas do you have for using Banners on a Roll®? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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