For years I put on events and it was my job to “guard the banners” to ensure that they weren’t stolen.  While everyone enjoyed themselves, I diligently kept my eyes on the expensive vinyl banners.  Then I stored them carefully so they could be reused…until the next event where I, The Banner Guard, appeared again.  I also had to guard the vinyl banners, since that expense came out of my budget and I didn’t want my boss on my case.  Sound familiar?


How I wish I would have had Banners on a Roll® to brand my events!   The easy-to-use repeating imprints can be used for table/stage skirting, back drops, crowd control barricading, and general branding at your events.  Just cut off the length that you need and put up your repeating imprints.   It can be your logo or art designed specifically for an event, such as a walk or run.  When using Banners on a Roll® no one must guard your event banners.  In fact, you want participants to take them home so that cleanup is minimized.  What a perfect way to recycle!


Susan Van Allen – CEO, Banners on a Roll.


Benefits of using Banners on a Roll® include:

•     ONE ROLL MINIMUM (Great for date-/location-specific events)
•     Cost-effective and consistent signage for all events
•     Attention-grabbing due to repeating images
•     Weatherproof material is easy to display
•     Convenient to handle and to store

Contact us today to receive pricing and to learn how the power of repeatability can make a strong visual branding statement.

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