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With 24 years in the promotional print and advertising business, Banners on a Roll® is going and growing with social media.

Banners on a Roll Social

When we started Banners on a Roll, we made a commitment to create a people-centric company that understands the value of promotional products and how they make your brand, your event, your marketing efforts come to life. We created a brand and buying experience to understand our clients’ needs and reflect our belief that people matter most. To us that means that our top priorities are to serve our customers, care for our employees and educate our customers to become savvy consumers.

This is why we are embracing social media. It is a natural extension of who we are and enables us to both serve and educate our customers better than ever. It gives us new media-driven, socially-enabled avenues to connect and engage with people in our space. Customers can contact us via email, chat, and phone, and now you can Tweet us or find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

By sharing our story and providing real-life examples of how banners are used at events on YouTube or by getting creative with Banners on a Roll on Slideshare we are unlocking our content to educate and to be shared, viewed and commented on by anyone.

We look forward to growing, connecting and engaging with you.

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