Depending on the level of competition and popularity of the game, sporting events can attract thousands and sometimes millions of sets of eyes. This is why sponsors have flocked to sporting events for decades. They understand the value of getting their name or brand in front of such a large audience. With Banners on a Roll®, you have the ability to get all of the promotional signage you need for any type of sporting event.

colds fence bannerDue to its versatility and unique repeatable design, our namesake product, Banners on a Roll®, is a top-notch solution for advertising at sporting events. Banners on a Roll® can be tied to fences at track and field events or baseball games. They’re also a great fit for the walls, fences, or railings that surround a football or soccer field. And since Banners on a Roll® are disposable, cleanup after the competition will be a cinch.

We’ve already touched on the crowds that sports can draw, and those big crowds can create a slew of challenges for event coordinators. When there are so many people packed into a relatively small place, it becomes necessary to keep things orderly by directing the flow of foot traffic. One solution for this problem is to create lanes and mark off forbidden areas with barricade tape. And, since our barricade tape is made custom to fit your needs, it presents a great opportunity for sponsors who want another way to spread their message.

war eagles fence bannerWhile the disposability of Banners on a Roll® is a great selling point in some cases, we realize that durability can be a factor in others. That’s where our mesh banners (pictured below) come in. These banners are designed to stand up to all weather conditions, so you know they’ll last all season long. Whether you have a sponsor that wants a long-term partnership or you’re looking for a long-lasting banner that showcases your team pride, a <a href="/products/mesh-banners/">mesh banner</a> from Banners on a Roll® is the way to go.

To find out more about how our products can help you maximize sponsorship dollars at your next big event, <a href="/get-a-quote-rt/">fill out the 'Get a Quote' form</a> and we’ll start working with you immediately.

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