Nonprofit fundraising can always be unpredictable.  Last year the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions of dollars and was trending on social media for months. No one saw it coming and how it would impact the way we look at fundraising today. Here are some predictions of the fundraising trends for nonprofits in 2015 and how you can use these trends to benefit your events.

•   Increase in Millennial Engagement – Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to The Brookings Institute. Due to the increase, nonprofits will have to adapt to this generation’s habits and trends when engaging in any sort of participation with their organization.  Millennials tend to look first at an organization’s website, then check out their social media pages and, if they like what they see, then they likely volunteer with the organization. After volunteering, Millennials will then become donors to the organization. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your fundraising website and social pages updated while promoting your event in order to engage Millennials.

•  More Mobile-Friendly Technology – It’s no secret that many people are wired to their smart phones. That won’t be changing soon. Nonprofits are getting more familiar with mobile-friendly websites, emails, newsletters, and donor payment options. More organizations are optimizing their websites with responsive design allowing their websites to be easily viewed from any mobile device.

•  More Community Giving Days – Most nonprofits are familiar with Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back to yourself, an organization, your community, etc. Days like this will increase in different communities, cities, regions, and states.  Look for “giving days” near or in your community and utilize those days to promote your nonprofit and to get volunteers involved.

•  Storytelling becomes More Visual – One of the best ways to get donors is by telling them how their donation will be used by your organization. Stating what you will be doing with the donations is one thing, but you want to capture donors’ imaginations to reel them in. The rise of YouTube and other video and photo sharing websites have allowed organizations to do this and it’s predicted that there will be more visual storytelling in 2015. Try using more photos and videos on your website and social pages to show the five W’s of your organization:  Who you are, What you do, Where you are within your community, When your event will take place, and most importantly Why you’re having a fundraising event.

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