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Guide to Custom Parade Signage and Advertising

Parades are known to be loud, exhilarating celebrations that cover vast areas and can be chaotic. Large and contrasting signs are required to ensure that your attendees are well-informed and guided. This guide will help you select the best signage options for your event.

The Importance of Custom Directional Signage During A Parade

Custom directional signage is a key component if you’re organizing a parade. Large, clear signs ensure everyone knows where they’re going and how to get there. In addition to welcoming attendees, directional signage reinforces that they’re in the right location. Custom signs can also assist with:

  • Establish the Parade Route: The parade route is the main attraction, so it’s important to indicate it. This will help people determine where to position themselves for the best view.
  • Provide Directions: Parades can be chaotic events with many attendees trying to navigate through the crowds. To avoid confusion, post signs with clear directions that indicate how to get to important areas, routes, and tents.
  • Designate Areas: Attendees will also look for signs to tell them they have arrived at their destination. Designating specific areas with signage can help people find where to park, locate a specific tent, or identify where the parade will pass through.

How to Optimize Customer Event Tents for a Parade

Tents and booths are essential assets for your next parade or event. They are versatile, customizable, and portable, making them an easy choice for marketing and sheltering participants. Here are some reasons why you should consider custom event tents for your next event:

  • Showcase logos and sponsors: A custom tent is a great way to showcase logos and sponsors at the entrance or exit of your parade. With its high visibility, almost every person attending the parade will stop or pass by the tent at some point.
  • Check-in participants: Custom tents can also expedite the check-in process for parade participants. You can use the tent to promote your sponsors while checking everyone in.
  • Shelter awards or judges: Once everyone is checked in, transport the custom tent to the end of the parade route for awards or judges. It will provide shelter and a designated place for the judges to decide.

How to Effectively Use Custom Parade Banners on a Roll®, Flags, and Signs

To make your parade stand out, it’s crucial to use custom Banners on a RollⓇ, flags, and signs. These items will enhance the experience for participants, guests, and advertisers, creating a more exciting atmosphere for everyone involved. By offering a range of options, you can increase revenue from advertisers, who will be eager to showcase their logos effectively. To create a successful parade, make sure you have the following:

  • Banners on a Roll®: Hang Banners on a Roll® in high-traffic areas of neighboring towns to promote your event. You can also use custom parade banners to mark the beginning or end of the parade route.
  • Flags: Use eye-catching flags to outline the parade route. You can also customize them with sponsor logos.
  • Signs: Well-designed signs can be incredibly useful at any parade. Use them to advertise, give directions, or mark important locations.

Choose Graphic Design Professionals for Custom Parade Signage

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