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3 Ways Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves This Holiday Season

3 Ways Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves This Holiday Season

Although it may be too early for consumers to start thinking about holiday shopping, most retailers are already preparing for the busiest time of the year. As a retail business owner, creating an effective marketing strategy is vital to take advantage of the holiday shopping rush, which can account for up to 20 percent of your annual sales.

While in-store signage and special promotions are common tactics in retail marketing, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition in a highly fragmented and competitive industry. To capture additional demand and attention from holiday shoppers, here are three ways to differentiate your retail business:

Guide Customers Through Every Step of the Buyer’s Journey

An inconspicuous outdoor sign and a few window clings during the holiday shopping season won’t suffice. You’ll need to engage customers at every stage of their journey, starting with grabbing their attention outside the store. Eye-catching Banners on a Roll® will attract potential shoppers, inspiring them to come inside.

Once inside, strategically placed in-store signage can guide customers through the sales funnel. Vinyl Graphics can lead the way to special displays and store sections, while point-of-purchase (POP) displays encourage add-on sales and impulse buys at the register. By nurturing customers throughout their journey, you can convert window shoppers into loyal, paying customers and drive additional revenue per transaction.

Grab Attention With Special Holiday Displays and Promotions

Make your store stand out this holiday season by curating special displays encouraging purchases. Group similar products together to create a themed experience and dedicate specific areas to holiday sales and gift ideas. This will allow customers to easily find items they need, whether it’s a gift, stocking stuffer, or personal purchase. To encourage cross-product sales, incorporate signs throughout your store suggesting purchase pairings.

Use holiday-themed graphics and signage to create an emotional connection with customers. Nostalgic holiday images and phrases evoke positive emotions, which can lead to higher sales. Take advantage of the holiday season to establish a memorable and emotional customer experience.

Implement a Multi-channel Marketing Approach

Are you looking for effective ways to drive in-store sales and improve customer engagement during the holidays? While in-store signage and marketing collateral are important, they’re only part of the equation. Nowadays, customers rely heavily on their mobile devices and digital technology to stay informed about holiday sales and product availability. That’s why adding digital marketing elements to your media mix is crucial to reaching a wider consumer base through multiple channels.

One of the most effective digital marketing strategies to consider is geotargeting technology. This allows you to offer exclusive promotions and limited-time offers to nearby customers in your store or the broader local area. Incentivizing shoppers can drive more foot traffic and generate more sales.

Integrating digital content with your existing signage and marketing collateral is also smart. Using similar colors, themes, and imagery across all marketing components will create a cohesive brand story that resonates more strongly with your audience. This will give you the traction you need to create a successful holiday marketing campaign.

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Guide to Custom Parade Signage and Advertising

Guide to Custom Parade Signage and Advertising

Parades are known to be loud, exhilarating celebrations that cover vast areas and can be chaotic. Large and contrasting signs are required to ensure that your attendees are well-informed and guided. This guide will help you select the best signage options for your event.

The Importance of Custom Directional Signage During A Parade

Custom directional signage is a key component if you’re organizing a parade. Large, clear signs ensure everyone knows where they’re going and how to get there. In addition to welcoming attendees, directional signage reinforces that they’re in the right location. Custom signs can also assist with:

  • Establish the Parade Route: The parade route is the main attraction, so it’s important to indicate it. This will help people determine where to position themselves for the best view.
  • Provide Directions: Parades can be chaotic events with many attendees trying to navigate through the crowds. To avoid confusion, post signs with clear directions that indicate how to get to important areas, routes, and tents.
  • Designate Areas: Attendees will also look for signs to tell them they have arrived at their destination. Designating specific areas with signage can help people find where to park, locate a specific tent, or identify where the parade will pass through.

How to Optimize Customer Event Tents for a Parade

Tents and booths are essential assets for your next parade or event. They are versatile, customizable, and portable, making them an easy choice for marketing and sheltering participants. Here are some reasons why you should consider custom event tents for your next event:

  • Showcase logos and sponsors: A custom tent is a great way to showcase logos and sponsors at the entrance or exit of your parade. With its high visibility, almost every person attending the parade will stop or pass by the tent at some point.
  • Check-in participants: Custom tents can also expedite the check-in process for parade participants. You can use the tent to promote your sponsors while checking everyone in.
  • Shelter awards or judges: Once everyone is checked in, transport the custom tent to the end of the parade route for awards or judges. It will provide shelter and a designated place for the judges to decide.

How to Effectively Use Custom Parade Banners on a Roll®, Flags, and Signs

To make your parade stand out, it’s crucial to use custom Banners on a RollⓇ, flags, and signs. These items will enhance the experience for participants, guests, and advertisers, creating a more exciting atmosphere for everyone involved. By offering a range of options, you can increase revenue from advertisers, who will be eager to showcase their logos effectively. To create a successful parade, make sure you have the following:

  • Banners on a Roll®: Hang Banners on a Roll® in high-traffic areas of neighboring towns to promote your event. You can also use custom parade banners to mark the beginning or end of the parade route.
  • Flags: Use eye-catching flags to outline the parade route. You can also customize them with sponsor logos.
  • Signs: Well-designed signs can be incredibly useful at any parade. Use them to advertise, give directions, or mark important locations.

Choose Graphic Design Professionals for Custom Parade Signage

Look no further than Banners on a Roll® for well-crafted and visually striking signage for your parade. Our selection of customizable print products includes high-quality options, from directional signs and event tents to Banners on a Roll®, flags, and graphics.

We specialize in providing top-notch services for all your printing needs. Unlike other vendors who offer a range of printing products and services, we focus solely on large-format printing. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by offering personalized solutions and exceptional customer service.

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Prescription for Effective Healthcare Marketing

Prescription for Effective Healthcare Marketing

As temperatures drop, the flu bug is making its return and it’s not looking good. The 2023 flu season is shaping up to be like the influenza season of 2019 – the largest on record in Australia. If history repeats itself, the United States is in for a long winter. This makes it crucial for healthcare companies, including drug stores, private practices, and medical centers, to focus on their marketing needs. Entrust Banners on a RollⓇ to help you take center stage in the healthcare industry.

Health care is at the forefront of many people’s minds, especially during the fourth quarter of the year. At Banners on a RollⓇ, we understand the importance of positioning your practice, medical facility, or retail outlet as a reliable resource for your client’s medical requirements.

One of the most significant events during this time is the open enrollment period for health insurance. Millions of Americans are searching for the best insurance coverage to suit their family’s needs. You can establish your brand as the authority for answers to their insurance queries.

Additionally, the end of the year is the ideal time to utilize any remaining flexible spending accounts. Many individuals and businesses are assessing their remaining funds and planning on how to use them. If you’re an expert in a specialized field, such as an eye care center or a retail store that sells eligible items, these are great opportunities for you.

It’s no longer a guarantee that patients will rely on their primary care physician to distribute the flu vaccine. This has led to a shift in the industry, making the flu a highly profitable venture for businesses. In fact, the flu vaccine industry is now valued at $7.47 billion. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded that during the 2021-2022 influenza season, an estimated 9 million illnesses, 4 million medical visits, 10,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths were linked to the flu. Did your business benefit from this trend as patients sought out immunization elsewhere?

It all equates to the potential for big business if you play your cards right. Banners on a RollⓇ has several solutions that can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Consider these options:

  • Banners on a RollⓇ: Banners on a RollⓇ can be a valuable tool to enhance visibility, communicate key messages, and engage with patients, staff, and the community. They are durable and functional, wherever you’d like to be seen outside, we can customize a signage solution that fits you, your message, and your space. They can be used to provide details about flu vaccination clinic locations, dates, and times.
  • Feathered Flags: They are tall, narrow, and eye-catching advertising tools that can be highly effective in promoting a healthcare system. These flags are often displayed outdoors and can draw attention from a distance. They can play a vital role in promoting flu awareness, vaccination clinics, and other related services offered by a healthcare system. 
  • Retractable Banners: Eye-catching signs that promote customers’ health with a clear message. These signs are lightweight and customizable, making them perfect for your needs. You can use retractors as a background while your clients spread the word about #flushots on different social media platforms.

Effective Marketing Solutions for Your Healthcare Needs

At Banners on a RollⓇ, we understand that health is unpredictable. That’s why we offer dependable solutions to help you market yourself as a reliable source for healthcare-related demands, not just during flu season, but all year round. Let us assist you in reducing the unpredictability of your bottom line.

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Sports Arena & Stadium Signage

Sports Arena & Stadium Signage

A sports event is much more than just a game. It’s an immersive experience, an opportunity to connect with other fans and feel like part of something special. But how can you achieve this in such a large space? The answer is Banners on a RollⓇ.

Stadiums provide a blank canvas to promote your team’s story through high-impact graphics, inspiring images, and bold branding. With Banners on a RollⓇ end-to-end solutions, you can create functional signage that welcomes fans from the farthest reaches of the parking lot. Our design, printing, and installation services ensure that your stadium signage is a memorable and integral part of the overall fan experience.

What makes stadium signage unique?

When it comes to sports arenas, signage, and large-format printing can be quite different compared to other businesses. Let’s take a closer look:


Sports arenas are massive structures that consist of thousands of seats, endless concourses, and multiple levels. Consequently, the challenge when it comes to large-format signage solutions is scale. A reliable and capable partner is required to meet the demands of such an enormous venue.


While there are many surfaces to cover and signs to hang, it’s essential to find the right balance. You don’t want to inundate your guests with an overwhelming number of signs. Instead, identify high-traffic areas such as concession stands, entryways, and concourses, where you can make a significant impact. Work together with your marketing and branding team to create a cohesive stadium branding strategy that enhances the fans’ experience.


When it comes to stadium branding, consistency is key. This means adhering to your brand standards, including color schemes and logos, to create a seamless experience for your guests. Don’t forget to include even health and safety signage and wayfinding signs as part of your brand strategy.


As with any business, stadiums must adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means that all signage must be accessible, including Braille and raised letters or numbers for visually impaired individuals. Specific requirements need to be met, such as mounting location, color contrast, and non-glare surface, to ensure compliance.

Types of Signage in Sports Stadiums

Sports stadiums utilize various forms of signage to enhance the fan experience. 

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics, in particular, are a critical component of stadium design. This type of signage leverages environmental graphic design (EGD) principles to improve visitor experience, similar to how website UX enhances online user experience. 

Here are the most common types of environmental graphics used in stadiums:

  • Branded and themed signage – These graphics include window graphics, giant wall murals, vinyl banners, custom backdrops, and floor graphics that establish the stadium’s identity. They welcome fans, celebrate players, and help visitors connect with their environment.
  • Wayfinding signage – Directional signs, maps, directories, symbols, and placards guide visitors through the venue. These are especially crucial in large sports complexes.
  • Selfie Stations – These are photo opportunities for fans to take pictures with friends and family in front of a fun photogenic backdrop to share on social media.
  • Identity signage – This category includes signs, murals, and artwork that define a space, give it an identity, and help people feel connected to it. In stadiums, this might be VIP seating areas, the press box, or special access areas of the locker rooms.
  • Exhibition signage – Stadiums often feature special events, such as art collections or displays of team memorabilia. Custom signage informs visitors and guides them through the displays.

Banners on a RollⓇ

Banners on a RollⓇ are an excellent choice when it comes to versatility and ease of installation, making it simple to switch them out throughout the season. For instance, you could hang a 30-foot-long roll from the entryway ceiling, celebrating past tournament championships or retired players. Mesh banners are also a great way to display information on a merchandise table or at an informational ticket booth for season tickets.

Give your stadium its brand and help it stand out by partnering with Banners on a RollⓇ. Get started by requesting a quote via 


Wayfinding Signage at Colleges and Universities

Wayfinding Signage at Colleges and Universities

As students, faculty, staff and visitors arrive at your college or university, it’s important that they know they’ve arrived at the right place. While large signs at the entrances are helpful, how do they navigate the campus once they’re inside? This is where directional signage comes in handy. In addition to featuring your school’s name and logo, effective wayfinding signage can guide people to the correct buildings for classes, meetings, and events. Discover the benefits of implementing wayfinding signage on your campus and how it can benefit your school’s community.

What is Wayfinding Signage?

According to the Society of Experiential Graphic Design, wayfinding helps to guide people in a physical environment. It can also increase their understanding of a physical location and make their experience in a physical space better. Wayfinding signage typically falls into one or more category:


  • Identification: This type of sign informs people about the identity of a building or helps them recognize their location. Examples include signs displaying room numbers or names and entrance plaques.
  • Information: These signs provide people with useful information about a location, such as the location of restrooms or building hours. Informative signs can also direct people to other locations when a building is closed.
  • Direction: Directional signage offers guidance to people on where to go. This can include signs with arrows or text displaying the location of a room or interactive floor decals.
  • Regulatory: Certain wayfinding signs ensure that a location meets regulatory requirements, such as the International Symbol of Accessibility on restroom signs for accessible restrooms, or “no smoking” signs in designated areas.

Uses of Outdoor Wayfinding Signage at Universities

Outdoor directional signage serves a variety of purposes on a college or university campus. Highlighted below are some ways to utilize wayfinding signs outside:

  • Welcome visitors: A prominent outdoor sign placed at the entrance of the campus can welcome visitors and let them know that they are in the right place. Similarly, outdoor signage placed at the front of specific buildings can extend a warm welcome to visitors.
  • Guide people to the right buildings: Outdoor wayfinding signage can direct people to specific buildings and locations on campus. It can use arrows to show people which way to turn as they navigate through parking lots, paths or roads on campus. Signage can also include details on how far away a particular building is in feet, meters or minutes.
  • Help people find their way: Wayfinding signage can also feature maps to help people orient themselves and locate multiple destinations on campus. Maps can show people where they currently are and outline how far they can walk within 5 or 10 minutes. Additionally, maps can provide information on modes of transport, such as campus shuttles or bike share systems.
  • Share updates and information: Outdoor signage can display real-time information about campus happenings. For instance, digital signs at the campus entrance can display information about school closures, sports team updates, faculty announcements and new school policies. Displaying the necessary information on entrance signs makes it easy for people to stay informed as they arrive on campus.

Uses of Indoor Wayfinding Signage at Universities

Finding your way inside a large campus building can be a challenging task, even when you know where you’re going. Indoor directional signage can help visitors, students, and staff find their way and identify where they’re supposed to be. Here are a few ways that indoor wayfinding signs can be used to improve campus navigation:

  • Identifying rooms: Room plaques with printed numbers or names can be placed next to doorways, making it easy for students and visitors to locate classrooms and other areas within the building.
  • Directing people to particular areas: Wayfinding signs can be placed on walls to guide people to the right locations within the building. Arrows or floor numbers can be used to help people navigate their way around. Directory signs located next to elevators or stairwells can also guide people to the right spots.
  • Sharing rules and expectations: Buildings within your campus can have different rules and regulations that students and visitors need to be aware of. Wayfinding signs can be used to convey the appropriate information, such as quiet hours, building access, and closing times.
  • Providing necessary information: Signs located on walls, next to doorways, or near elevators and stairs can guide people by providing them with essential information. This can include details on fire safety procedures, restroom locations, and emergency contact information.

Banners on a RollⓇ Can Help You Make the Most of Campus Wayfinding Signage

Make everyone who visits your college or university feel confident and welcome by installing directional and wayfinding signage that clearly displays the right path. When people can easily get to where they need to go, they are more likely to have a positive impression of your institution, which can lead to greater enrollment, improved work satisfaction, and word-of-mouth referrals.

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How to Work a Trade Show Booth

How to Work a Trade Show Booth

When it comes to showcasing your brand at a trade show, it’s not just about the custom display you bring. Your staff needs to bring their A-game to make valuable connections with prospects. To maximize opportunities and represent your company well, it’s essential to understand the dos and don’ts of working a trade show.

The Dos of Working a Trade Show

To create a successful trade show experience, companies must follow some basic guidelines to ensure that their staff can best connect with attendees. As you develop your trade show strategy, consider the following tips to help you succeed:

Maximizing Your Trade Show Presence

A trade show offers a prime opportunity for you to exhibit your expertise and leave a lasting impression on attendees. To achieve this, be prepared to field any questions that arise and establish trust with the audience. Having a strong grasp of the product or service you are showcasing will enable you to present your offering in the best light possible.

Moreover, it’s crucial to identify your objectives beforehand so that you can convey the relevant information to your team. Make sure that every member of your staff is aware of your goals and can articulate them clearly to visitors.

The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Trade shows can be overwhelming and tiring, and there may be moments when few people visit your booth. However, it’s crucial to maintain a positive and upbeat mindset throughout. Attendees see many booths and various factors could influence their disinterest in your exhibit, which are beyond your control. A positive attitude will help you start conversations with attendees and spark their interest in your company. Remember, a good attitude can make all the difference.

Keep Refreshments Close By

During a trade show, it’s essential to keep your team energized and hydrated throughout the day. Having snacks and beverages nearby can help keep your staff upbeat and happy, which can make all the difference in converting prospects into clients. The small cost of refreshments will pay for itself tenfold.

Prepare a Presentation

While some individuals can sell on the fly without any preparations, most booth employees will require a thoughtfully prepared presentation. Even if you have an in-depth knowledge of your company, having a set script will benefit you in communicating effectively with visitors.

When creating your presentation, aim for clarity and conciseness in highlighting the key information that your booth is promoting. To deliver an effective presentation, memorize your pitch and rehearse it in front of colleagues to get constructive feedback. You can also enhance your presentation with videos, slideshows, and PowerPoint presentations if your booth permits it.

Carefully Design Your Booth

The success of your staff at trade shows has a lot to do with the design of your booth. A thoughtfully crafted exhibit can help grab the attention of those passing by. Whether it’s a large tower that stands out among the other booths or attractive signage and interactive displays, the features of your booth can attract visitors and give your staff the chance to engage with them.

The Don'ts of Working a Trade Show

Attending trade shows can be a great way to showcase your business and connect with potential customers. However, it’s also essential to be aware of some common pitfalls that could hinder your success. Here are some things to avoid at your next trade show:

  • Oversharing with attendees: Some staff members may feel compelled to bombard attendees with too much information, which can lead to confusion and disinterest. Instead, train your team to listen actively and speak only when necessary.
  • Not asking questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the trade show organizers or regular exhibitors for information about the event. This can include display requirements, show demographics, key staff members, and other important details that can help you prepare.
  • Not following up: Following up with prospects after the show is crucial. Many companies forget to stay in touch with leads generated at a trade show, so make sure you make the most of your time and follow up with additional information.

Contact Banners on a RollⓇ For your Trade Show Exhibit Display Needs

Well-crafted custom trade show displays are essential to your success. By partnering with Banners on a RollⓇ, you can build a trade show booth that will allow your team to effectively connect with attendees. We specialize in high-quality trade show exhibit displays and can provide the guidance you need to create your own.

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The Importance of Festival Signage For Event Success

The Importance of Festival Signage For Event Success

When it comes to planning a festival, custom graphics, and signs are often overlooked. However, they play a crucial role in the event’s success. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of the area, but they also promote the festival and provide practical information to attendees. Therefore, it’s imperative for festival organizers to invest in high-quality signage and graphics that will elevate their event to the next level.

Top Benefits of Festival Signage

As you prepare for your upcoming festival, you may be questioning whether adding signage is a worthwhile investment. With enjoyable activities, engaging entertainment, and delicious food already in place, you might wonder if signage is even necessary.

Signs and graphics play a crucial role in the success of any festival or event. They help to inform and guide attendees as they navigate through the exciting experiences that you have planned for them. To demonstrate the impact of signage, check out some examples of how Banners on a RollⓇ signage has benefited past festivals:


Promoting your festival is just as important as planning it. Even if your festival is spectacular, without proper promotion, it may not draw the attention it deserves. To ensure the success of your festival, it is crucial to promote it widely within your community. One of the most effective ways to increase visibility is by using custom festival graphics and signs.

Strategic placement of promotional signage can help attract potential festival-goers. Consider placing signs in high-traffic areas, busy roadways, windows of your sponsors’ establishments, and on buildings. These efforts can help raise awareness and ultimately lead to a greater turnout at your event.


It’s important to make sure that festival-goers have a fantastic time once they arrive. Providing a unique appearance to your event space is one way to ensure that it’s memorable. One way to achieve this is through the use of festival graphics and signage scattered throughout the premises.

With top-quality signage, you can showcase custom graphics designed exclusively for the festival. This can celebrate the festival’s focus, such as a particular time of year, the community, the type of music, food, or any other theme. With these striking visuals, you’ll create an atmosphere that will stick with those who attend, bringing them back to the festival year after year. Festival signage adds a distinctive personality to the event that attendees will connect with and be drawn to.


Festivals are often sprawling events that span a vast area and use various facilities. To ensure a seamless experience, it’s important to have effective wayfinding signage that guides attendees around the event and helps them locate key areas. With proper wayfinding signage, people are less likely to grow frustrated or miss out on different events they were excited to attend. By avoiding these types of negative experiences, festival organizers can ensure that attendees leave satisfied with their overall festival experience.


Event signage is a valuable asset for both the aesthetic and practical value it brings to attendees. Moreover, it offers a financial opportunity to those who attend. Companies and organizations often sponsor events in exchange for advertising at the festival. If you have signage planned, it’s easy to incorporate sponsor graphics on your signs, which can yield a return on your investment and potentially generate a profit.

For festivals that prioritize business acumen and long-term success, sponsored signs are a top choice. It’s a great way to enhance the event’s visual appeal while also earning money. Why not boost your festival’s visual appeal while also making a profit?

Popular Styles of Festival Signage

When searching for festival signs, it’s important to consider signage styles that can transform your event space into a memorable experience. Here are some of the most popular signage styles that you can choose from:


Festivals are all about fun, and outdoor flags are a great way to showcase your graphics. With their dynamic movement in the wind, they effortlessly draw the attention of passersby. Their vivid colors and engaging imagery add to the overall atmosphere of any event and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Event Tents

Custom event tents are perfect for festivals, providing an impromptu structure that can be used as a centralized location for selling merchandise, food, and drinks, as well as tickets. Branded tents can be utilized to restrict areas, such as a staff-only “office,” medical tent, or VIP lounge. They also provide a shaded area for festival-goers to recuperate during summer festivals.

Moreover, event tents can be customized with festival graphics, making them an excellent way to improve the ambiance of the event. Unique messages, graphics, and colors can be added to fit your specific event, with various sizes and design options available to choose from. So, whether you need a small or large tent, you can find one that perfectly serves your festival.


Whether your festival is held indoors or outdoors, impress your audience and have the flexibility you need with custom event banners. With a variety of styles to choose from, banners are an attractive solution to display event graphics.

For festivals with walkways lined with poles or streetlamps, boulevard banners are an excellent choice as they hang off the side, showcasing branded images and graphics. Retractable banner stands are another versatile option that allows you to set up signage wherever you desire. Additionally, hung vinyl roll banners are perfect for welcoming event attendees as they can hang over the entrance, showcasing the festival name and other on-brand graphics.

Get Custom Festival Signage For Your Event From Banners on a RollⓇ

If you want to make a statement at your upcoming festival, festival signage is essential. Not only does it offer practical information, but it also adds to the overall experience. To make this happen, it’s crucial to work with a professional, such as Banners on a RollⓇ, to ensure the best possible signage.

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Achieving Success With Trade Show Signage

Achieving Success With Trade Show Signage

What makes certain trade show exhibitors stand out and capture all the attention? One factor is their captivating design. While a booth should represent the purpose and personality of a company, it must also convey the brand in a distinctive manner, particularly in a bustling convention setting.

August marks the beginning of trade show planning for many individuals. Why? Because it allows for a two-month lead time before October, the prime month for trade shows. During this crucial planning phase, exhibitors initiate the process of brainstorming, designing, and ordering their displays, ensuring they receive them in time for the fall season.

Preparing for a trade show, especially one that holds significant importance in a particular industry, can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor. Banners on a RollⓇ recognizes two crucial factors: companies require dependable large-format graphics and they need them well in advance of the deadline, even while accounting for any last-minute modifications.

Planning For A Trade Show

If you’re a first-timer, here are some important factors to consider when planning for a trade show:

  1. Venue: If the event takes place indoors, you have more options for booth setups, banners, signs, table coverings, and digital displays. For outdoor venues, prioritize shade, stability, and simplicity with tents, flags, and weighted standees.
  2. Components: Each trade show has its own specifications and regulations, allowing or prohibiting certain elements. Determine if you can use a booth or if a tabletop display will suffice. Are you allowed to hang items from the ceiling or place decals on the floor? Familiarize yourself with the rules to understand what is possible and plan accordingly based on space, cost, and guidelines.
  3. Presentation: Decide how you want to engage with attendees—behind a table, face-to-face, or in front of a banner featuring your logo. Consider whether you want your product to take center stage or if an island display with ample space around it suits your needs. Standing out among numerous exhibitors requires a bold and imaginative approach. How do you want to showcase your brand?
  4. Portability: If you need to travel to multiple shows, the ability to set up and dismantle your display easily is crucial. Opt for modular designs, folding panel displays, and pop-ups that facilitate convenient transportation.
  5. Goals: Determine your objectives for participating in the trade show. If your focus is on making sales, point-of-purchase (POP) displays may be ideal. For networking events, digital displays can effectively communicate a wealth of information in an immersive manner. Brightly colored photo areas with repeated banners create a perfect branding backdrop for capturing photos.

Understanding your options empowers you to create a trade show design that aligns with your goals. Start by measuring the booth layout to determine the available space for communicating your brand. If possible, visit the venue beforehand to assess the allocated area. Banners on a RollⓇ can assist in creating various displays, including backdrops, printed tablecloths, table-toppers, pop-ups, roll banners, and flags.

Begin your preparation for your trade show today by requesting a quote via

Unleash Success For Your Next Grand Opening With These Proven Tips

Unleash Success For Your Next Grand Opening With These Proven Tips

The grand opening of a new business is an exciting event that presents an opportunity to showcase everything your business has to offer, from products and services to values and mission. To make it a success, you will need to engage with locals, distribute marketing materials and generate community interest. However, before the big day arrives, it’s important to focus on promotion.

Promotional efforts are crucial for ensuring that your launch goes off without a hitch. Here are some of the best ways to promote your grand opening event:

Top Tips for Successful Promotion

As a business owner, you are the foremost expert on your enterprise. However, self-promotion is crucial to acquaint your audience with your brand, thereby convincing them to pay a visit. Creating a positive first impression and projecting the right image is essential.

Your grand opening is a critical opportunity to establish your reputation. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can work to your advantage. Your opening day should be memorable, leaving a lasting impression on new customers.

To ensure that your visitors have a positive experience, you must provide the right expectations and meet them. Self-promotion is a powerful way to inform people about your new business and provide insights into what they can expect. By implementing a solid plan and leveraging the right materials, your pre-opening promotion can give your business the boost it needs.

Here are some of the best tips to make your marketing as effective as possible:

Set Goals Before Opening

Before diving into designing promotional materials and planning your grand opening, it’s important to establish a clear set of goals. Defining what you hope to achieve can help guide your marketing strategies and produce better results. Your goals should encompass both your promotional efforts and the opening event.

Depending on your business, some of the goals you may want to consider include:

  • Increasing visibility: Being noticed in a crowded market is crucial for any new business. Promoting your brand through social media, advertising, branded vehicles, and exterior decorations can all help increase your visibility and draw attention to your new establishment.
  • Generating excitement: Creating buzz and anticipation around your opening can help build a strong emotional connection with potential customers. Running contests, offering special deals, and organizing a grand opening event are all effective ways to get people excited and interested in your business.
  • Attracting your target demographic: Identifying your ideal customer base and targeting them directly through advertising, marketing materials, and social media can help ensure that your promotional efforts are reaching the right people.
  • Informing potential customers: While it’s important to build excitement around your new business, providing customers with important information can also be beneficial. Being transparent about your business’s values, processes, and services can help build trust with potential customers and establish a positive reputation from the outset.


Use Signage to Advertise

Signage is an excellent marketing tool that can attract new customers and provide essential information about your business. 

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Decorate your interior and exterior with signs: Whether you’re preparing for your grand opening or just looking to boost your business, signage is a great way to get noticed. You can use signs to advertise your business, products, or services. Make sure to start your advertising campaign early and continue it throughout the day of your grand opening event.
  • Custom business roll banners: One of the most popular types of advertising signage is the custom business roll banner. They are easy to design, quick to print, and budget-friendly. You can choose from various sizes and shapes, and they can withstand exposure to the elements for long-term outdoor use. Roll banners can be hung with zip ties, mounted on poles, or displayed on banner stands.
  • Event tents and graphics: If you have outdoor space, consider setting up an event tent to celebrate your grand opening. You can also include event graphics to inform your visitors about your business. The best part about event tents and custom business graphics is that they’re reusable for many different occasions.

By using these signage tips and tricks, you can attract new customers and promote your business effectively.


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How to Prepare Your Images For Large-Format Printing

How to Prepare Your Images For Large-Format Printing

One of the most important aspects of any eye-catching large-scale visual is the use of high-quality photos and imagery. Whether you’re creating a small poster or a massive 50-foot roll banner, it’s crucial to choose the right images to represent your brand effectively. However, selecting the perfect photos can be challenging when it comes to large-scale graphics. You must ensure that the images are vivid and clear even when stretched to larger-than-life proportions.

Here are some essential factors to consider when submitting your photos to a print solutions provider. By following these guidelines, you can set your artwork and your business up for success:

What's the Right Size and Resolution

When it comes to printing solutions, it’s crucial to ensure that your images meet the required specifications. Although your print vendor will typically provide you with their preferred specifications, it’s essential to understand some of the terms that can be confusing.

Pixels per inch (PPI) is the standard measurement for image resolution, and it refers to the density of pixels per square inch of space they occupy. A larger PPI leads to higher image resolution, creating sharper images for large-format graphics.

Most commercially printed materials require roughly 300 PPI, which is also the minimum number of pixels per inch to create a high-resolution image. In contrast, smaller photos found on the internet are often only 72 PPI, which can lead to pixelation and blurriness when enlarged on a computer screen.

Increasing the resolution of these images results in less pixelation and distortion, as more pixels per inch provide greater clarity when the image is enlarged. To ensure that your images look their best, consider asking your print solutions provider about their PPI preferences and use higher resolutions whenever possible.

How Do I Account For the Image's Viewing Distance?

When it comes to large-format graphics, the distance between the audience and the image is crucial. Different viewing scenarios require different image sizes. For instance, viewers will look at a menu image closer than a billboard image. As images become larger, their effective resolution decreases, making viewing distance and audience proximity important considerations.

While a photo may appear pixelated up close, it will look fine when viewed from across a room. However, enlarging the image inherently decreases the number of pixels per inch. For example, a photo with 300 PPI in a magazine would only have 14 PPI when stretched across a 15-foot banner.

Although 300 PPI is the general industry standard, your print solutions provider can help determine if a lower resolution is acceptable depending on the nature and venue of the graphic.

Which File Format Should I Use?

Choosing the right image file format can be a tricky task, especially with the abundance of available options. Here is a brief overview of some of the most practical formats for your consideration:

  • JPEG – This is the most commonly used format that uses lossy compression to reduce the image file size. The quality of the image may decrease with multiple edits, so it’s best to avoid excessive modifications. However, it’s still a great option for most photo needs, as long as the size and resolution remain high.
  • TIFF – The tagged image file format is ideal when image quality is a top priority, and file size is not a concern. Professional photographers prefer this format because it uses lossless compression, allowing for unlimited edits without sacrificing image quality or introducing compression artifacts. Although the file size may be larger than JPEG, it’s worth the tradeoff.
  • PNG and GIF – While the portable network graphic and graphics interchange format may have their uses in digital formats, they are not recommended for print.

Where Can I Find a Provider to Print My Large-Format Graphics?

Whatever your large-format printing needs may be, Banners on a RollⓇ has you covered.

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